DCHOUSE 220 V AC Wasserabgabepumpe System Flojet BW 1000A Bunn 40PSI 1Gal / Min

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Package Includes:
-(1) Rentenpapier Module with On/Off Rockmusiker Switch (w/ 6 ft 220V AC Power Schnürlsamt)
-(1) Suction Wall and Hosen Assembly
-(1) 20 Feet of ¼“ Discharge Piping

Product Description:
This product is 100% BRAND NEW
Our Bottled Water Rentenpapier is designed to pump water from commercially available water bottles.
The system delivers the bottled water nicht pressure to a sink mounted drinking water faucet, or to the water nicht oder Ähnlicherefrigerator, icemaker, coffee brewer or other equipment.
The suction wand, when inserted nichtthe water bottle, activates the float switch on the pump.
This float switch demzufolge shuts off the system when the bottle is empty.
Beware of armselig non-genuine products on the market that claim to be gerade eben as good

Voltage: 220V AC (EU Plug)
Flow capacity: 1 Gallon durch minute (3.78 Liters durch minute)
Max Water Pressure: 40 PSI
Operating Pressure: 30 PSI
Hose Outlets: 20ft 1/4″ Durchmesser Hosen Included

Refrigerator Water and Ice Maker
Coffee Makers
Espresso Makers
Water Dispensers
Anywhere else on-demand water supply is needed
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